Teaching Philosophy

Miroirs- IV Alborada del gracioso

As a piano teaching assistant at the University of Florida, I believe the best learning happens when everyone becomes more actively engaged and collaborative in nature. I am passionate about incorporating a holistic approach in my teaching to enhance the student’s learning experience. I believe that the very qualities that comprise a wonderful teacher are the qualities one should cultivate as a person: learning through listening, respecting, and appreciating others’ opinions, as well as holding yourself to a high standard of excellence. I ask my students many questions, which encourages them to use their own reasoning skills to arrive at their own conclusions, molding them into well-rounded musicians instead of simply obedient technicians.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, UF piano classes have switched to a different delivery method, a combination of online and in-person modalities. I utilize Open Broadcaster Software which integrates multiple cameras synchronized with collaboration-enabled conference software for live-stream teaching, as well as implement cutting edge video/audio recording technologies to manage my piano classes. I engage students with more opportunities for collaborative exercise and provide deeper music learning development between online and in-person modalities.

As someone who is enthusiastic about music theory, I share with my students interesting and exciting theoretical discussions which are also related to piano performance. Having received a liberal arts education myself, I greatly value the merit of building one’s knowledge across all musical topics.

My goal is to help my students discover their own interpretations and styles through stimulating critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to provide them with a strong and reliable technical foundation, as I have been taught.