Teaching Philosophy

Miroirs- IV Alborada del gracioso

As a passionate musical scholar and a piano teacher, having taught piano privately for over 5 years. Over the course of my teaching career, the youngest student I have ever taught was just four years old, and I created music games while I was teaching with younger kids. My ultimate goal whenever I teach is to help my students discover their own interpretations and styles through stimulating critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and providing them with a strong and reliable technical foundation, much like what my own teacher does for me. As a piano teacher, I ask my students many questions, which encourages them to use their own reasoning skills to arrive at their own conclusions, molding them into well-rounded musicians instead of simply technicians.

As someone who is enthusiastic about music theory, musicology, and Aural skill, I would love to share my passion for those subjects with other students in those courses. As an undergraduate student, I walked into my first Arual skill class believing that this class was interesting and exciting and related to musical performance. However, the courses like music theory and history are the relentless dedication, incredible knowledge, and teaching talents of my professor made me realize just how fascinating these subjects are. Now, I believe that approached in the right way, the study of music theory and Aural skills can enhance one’s performance skills. As a course teaching assistant, my goal would be to help students use the knowledge learned from theory and aural skill to reach more informed and enlightened personal interpretations of the music they perform.

Besides teaching, I considered myself an experienced piano accompanist. Having accompanied with many different types of professional musicians, my working experience is helping me reach my goal for my music career.

I have always been quite confident about my sight-reading skills at the piano which I benefit greatly in my role as a piano accompanist. I have balanced having a part-time accompanying job at the Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Dance Department while completing my own studies at VCU. From 2016-2018, I was the full TA for vocal accompanying at the Frost Opera Theater, and I was a full TA for instrumental accompanying at the Frost School of Music, so I used to have many responsibilities at once. Becoming an established piano educator in the music world is one of my long-time goals, and I believe that a teaching position could serve as a stepping stone to that goal. I believe that the combination of my personal qualities, my work experience, and my desire to share my enthusiasm for piano or musical academic subject.

Lanjiabao Ge is currently serves teaching assistantship as a piano instructor for undergraduate courses at the University of Florida.