My collaborative coaching students Lucas Shroyer (Right), Brett Barger (Middle), Jessica Alvarado Brenes (Third to the left), and Autumn Heath (Second to the left) won the First of the Undergraduate Upper Division (Shroyer), Honorable Mention (Barger), Graduate Division Runner-Up (Brenes), and Frist (Heath) in the 2022 Missouri Music Teachers Association Collegiate Woodwinds competition. 
Third Prize Winner of the North International Music Competition, June 2021
Second Place of the 2021 King’s Peak International Music Competition, March 2021
First Prize of the 18th edition Muse 2020 International Music Competition in Greece, June 2020
Honorable Mention of the 5th Paderewski International Piano Competition, USA, May 2020
First Prize of the New York Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition, Carnegie Hall, March 2019
Second Prize of the Rising Star Grand Prix International Music Competition, Berlin Germany, June 2019
Excellence in Music Award, Virginia Commonwealth University, April 2016
First Place of the MTNA Young Artist Performance Piano Competition, Virginia State, October 2015
Winner of the Hershey Symphony Orchestra Young Artist Competition, Pennsylvania, March 2010
First Prize of the 2nd Wiesbaden International Piano Competition, Wiesbaden Germany, October 2002